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About D.R.B. School

D. R. B. School is Synonymous with quality education and a path maker in mooting all round development of a child, D. R. B. School is also looking for moral and ethical development of child. Be it the huge campus or the latest technology used to enrich students knowledge, D. R. B. School is on the highest expectations from parents and society & ensure the working development of all

D. R. B. School has always taught discipline in a unique way. The discipline taught cannot be matched by any other institution because here, discipline is not imposed, it comes from within.... Read More

Mr. S.P.Yadav (M.A.,B.Ed.,L.L.B.)

Short Message

I believe that complacency in one of the biggest human failings. It generally has a tendency to creep in silently and like cancer, it is often discovered too late. Once complacency has you in its numbing grips, it taints you to vision with ersatz rosiness, forcing you to view life with a false sense of will-being. That is why the promoter of your ward’s school has not allowed this school one of the best in the district. The art of teaching-learning is a dynamic one and introspection drives it forward. At your school the facilitators of learning are constantly engaged in reviewing their student and in encouraging them to improve their outcome in all spheres and our goal is to prepare your child to become an informed global citizen, sensitive to the country. With this in view, we teach our students not just to do well at studies and co-curricular activities, but also to be better human being who care for the environment, culture and ethics. At any point of time if you have any suggestion or criticism about us, you are more than welcome.


I Learnt a great deal about teaching and Learning by talking and listening to my children. The most valuable thing you can give your child is your time and attention. Communication is a two way process and it’s amazing that you can learn so much about your child from these conversation. I guess I had a frustration like many patents, in that I could not fully understand how my child truly felt about different situations? Or feelings? But I now understand that for long-time children do not have enough words at their commands to express feeling adequately, even if they could express as you would.


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